Cancel cellular death

A breakthrough innovation to treat critical disorders

our mission: to develop new medication for emergency medicine

Urgent treatment and reanimation services must treat as a priority diseases such as acute liver failure (ALF) and acute kidney injury (AKI). SeaBeLife develops molecules whose objective is to improve the life of patients and save lives by avoiding complications in these services. Emergency medicine has unsatisfactory medical needs.

our expertise: inhibit programmed necrosis

SeaBelife develops and tests families of original and patented molecules, capable of deprogramming necrotic death. Indeed, by specifically blocking  the induction cascade of the cell death mecanism, our molecules inhibit programmed necrosis in case of alteration, thus protecting cells and restoring tissues and organs.

our approch: innovation culture

SeaBeLife develops medication candidates to treat acute diseases, until proof of efficacy on patients.

our patented technology the Sibiriline family

Sibirilines are a flavonoid derivative, protected by three patents, that inhibit programmed necrosis, enable cellular protection and tissue regeneration in case of acute disease.

the applications

development of new mecidations for emergency medicine

necroptosis inhibition

NECROPTOSIS is implied in multiple diseases with dramatic outcomes. It is a public health problem, a brutal and massive attack on the organs, and the vital pronostic is engaged.

Acute liver failure - ALF

A necroptosis can occur for example in case of a massive attack of the liver by paracetamol and cause ALF.

Acute renal failure - ARF

The anti-cancer treatment with cis-platinum, for example, can induce nephrotoxicity and therefore ARF.


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